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Stop-Don't Buy Disposable Diapers Until You Read This

Raising a baby provides moms and dads with wonderful rewards and some challenging moments. Since our children live their first few years wearing diapers - and they require a lot of changing we are looking for the right decision about what kind of diapers to use - both from a convenience perspective and from a what-is-right for my baby point of view.

We are all more and more concerned about the health of our world. When we as parents make the choice to use cloth-style diapers for our baby we are choosing - improved health for our baby, better comfort, and we are doing our part to make our earth healthier.

We have done some research and here are our seven reasons to move away from disposable diapers and instead choose to use cloth diapers for your baby.

1. Improved health for your baby. Take a look at what makes up today's disposable diapers. They are made with a chemical that makes the diaper very absorbent - but this chemical (sodium polyacrylate) has been linked to toxic shock syndrome. And that's not the only dangerous chemical. You will also find in disposable diapers traces of Dioxin (this is a carcinogen) and it can cause genetic damage, immune system suppression and even disease of the liver.

2. Lower possibility of diaper rash for your baby. Disposable diapers are made of very dense material, while cloth diapers are made of breathable cotton. This means that you baby will be cooler, thereby reducing the build up of bacteria growth which lowers the possibility of a rash. Babies that wear cloth diapers get changed more often because they will feel wet to the touch when the baby is wet. Disposables on the other hand are so absorbent that even when the baby is wet the diaper may not feel wet and therefore the baby will not be changed as often. This will result in a greater chance of the baby developing a diaper rash.

3. More comfortable for baby. We all know how comfortable cotton is to wear. Layers of cotton are what make up cloth diapers - and this means that it feels better against your baby's skin, they will be cooler than their disposable counterparts (especially in the middle of the Summer).

4. Save money - raising a baby is expensive and we all want to save money when we can. There have been numerous studies that compare the costs of purchasing disposables versus the cost of purchasing and washing cloth baby diapers at home. The results of the studies vary but they all agree that the cost of cloth, home laundered diapers, is considerably lower than buying disposables. Consider that over a 2 1/2 year period where there will be approximately 7,500 diaper changes, the savings of cloth over disposables is in the range of $1,000 to $2,000. This savings is even greater when you consider that the same diaper can be used for another baby. In our case - in Holden's first year we have saved over $800 by using cloth. Think of what you could do with the SAVINGS you earned from buying and laundering your own diapers!

5. Do your part to improve our world - cloth diapers can be used over and over again making them better for the environment. Consider some other items. A high quality cloth diaper can be washed a hundred or more times. And if you have or plan on having more than one child the cloth diaper can be used for your 2nd and 3rd child. And sure it use up energy to wash cloth diapers. This energy use cost is very small when you compare it to what the cost to the environment caused by the use of disposables. We can expect a disposable to take at least 400 years to be fully decomposed in our already crowded landfills. Also consider that the manufacturers of diapers that are disposable in a year will use more than a million metric tons of wood pulp and 75,000 metric tons of plastic each year.

6. As easy to change as disposables. There is no argument it is easy to change a baby if you are using disposables. But today`s cloth diapers are as easy to use as the disposable type. This is especially true for the cloth diapers that have a built in outer liner. All cloth diapers nowadays use a snap closure or a Velcro-type closure to ensure a snug, good fit for your baby.

7. Built in outer cover. That means just change the diaper - don`t worry about having to pull an outer cover over top of the diapers. It makes changing baby a breeze.


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